Why go to the Cloud?

If it is appropriate for you to store some or all of your data in the Cloud, you can keep costs down as you don’t have to manage and maintain expensive hardware. It is quick to deploy and you can choose whether to opt for public, private or hybrid solutions.

Our solution

Our solution provides scalability that you’ll never outgrow and which flexes as your needs change, allocating resources as you need them: you only pay for what you use.

Use it to store unstructured object data, structured datasets, messaging for workflow processing and shared storage for legacy applications as well as Tables, Queues, Files.

It allows information to be accessible from anywhere in the world, from any type of application, whether it’s running in the cloud, on the desktop, on an on-premises server, or on a mobile or tablet device. 

PLUS: where data is held in the cloud, we can enable Machine Learning technology to help predict behaviour, track data patterns and report back to improve data management and gain valuable business insights.