Data is growing exponentially, yet is still frequently ignored by businesses. The short-term fix is to buy more and more storage: this leads to increased (and unnecessary) costs and lengthy back up times. Plus, when it comes to backup, tape backup – or even offsite disk backup – isn’t always enough.


It is important to get an accurate picture of the existing status of your data and how it is stored. Consider: is all the data you keep still needed? If it is, could it be kept more efficiently? What compliance criteria do you need to adhere to? Are you achieving them? How easily do you need to access stored information? What level of security do you need? How long does it take to back up your files? In the event of a server failure, how quickly can you be up and running again?

What we offer

We can help you identify and deploy the right strategy to manage your data, improve performance and quality while saving money. By gathering intelligence around the status of your data and storage, we can help you understand what you have got, when it was last accessed, and identify any file integrity and formatting issues as well as any heavy duplication.

In addition, we can recommend the right backup model to suit your specific needs, including our Back up as a Service (BaaS) solution to remove the worry and hassle involved in rotating and managing tape backups or hard disks and our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering which means you only pay for what you use and avoid upfront investment in hardware, software and facilities.

Whether you need to transfer, stage, replicate, allocate or de-allocate space, register or unregister metadata, or locate and retrieve data, we can help!