You only tend to notice your infrastructure when you can’t access an application or service. And by that time, it’s too late. But organisations need to focus on their core business and avoid unnecessary distraction and constant re-investment in ageing, unintegrated infrastructure which can run out of capacity at peak times and drain resources.

“This major project has been created with significant enhancements to the platform we leave behind and has been executed without any performance shortfall both during and post transition.”
Adam Sullivan
CEO, Baywater Healthcare


This is a time to get your house in order, and a considerable part of that is effective IT infrastructure to allow for flex and scale. These are critical for small/mid-sized businesses to thrive, incorporating “always on” services, positioning for rapid adaptation and enabling cost predictability.

What we offer

We proactively manage your infrastructure with software which gives us remote access to your systems so we can monitor activity and perform remedial work as and when necessary. This software is installed and run on computers in your building, not in a distant facility.

We perform regular benchmarking and annual reviews of your infrastructure to ensure it is performing to its optimal capacity and provide Capacity Management, Problem Management & proactive analysis to help you to avoid a long slow breakdown of performance over time. This also allows us to perform regular and annual benchmark reviews of your infrastructure and identify capacity management issues to ensure optimisation of your infrastructure.