Enabling collaboration

By integrating voice, video and IM with mobility, desktop and app sharing, unified communications servers enable complete integration of multimedia, applications and mobility, all specific to individual users’ needs.

Advanced collaboration tools – in the Cloud or on premise - fundamentally and increasingly incorporate telephony functions, tightly integrating with other collaboration tools to allow documents and other materials to be shared, discussed and edited in near-real time. 

Our solution

Unified communications can be deployed with or without dedicated media gateway hardware, centralised or distributed, as a single logical system or networked. Plus, with the right configuration, you can call people in your organisation through Skype for Business via your desk phone, mobile, home, or any other phone.

And for Contact Centres, we can help you deliver a seamless multichannel service – across voice, SMS, Chat and email, backed up with real time monitoring, analytics and call recording, all with a flexible pricing model.