This is all about steadying the ship. Making good. Providing patches, bringing your licences under control, fixing any back up or security risks. Providing support or a service desk. Putting out the fires.

Take a Readiness Assessment to identify any gaps to fill.


You will want to get the most out of your IT investment. This is about sweating the assets, bringing costs under control, finding efficiencies, mitigating risk, introducing good governance and possibly preparing and positioning for transformation.


Here, we work with you to align IT with your business strategy and effectively position ambitious businesses for scale and growth. We can help to build and execute a new IT strategy to support the business plan.


This is where we help create additional value, delivering an innovative approach for both using and consuming technology. By drawing on our knowledge of current technology, significant differentiation and value can be delivered through employing Adept4’s full IT as a Service offering. The combination of a truly asset-light IT infrastructure within a comprehensive ITaaS agreement is exceptionally powerful.

For examples of where we have helped customers to innovate their business, take a look at Internet of Things (IoT).